Elizabeth Rackley

Elizabeth Rackley is a co-owner of  A Breath of Serenity. She graduated from the American Institute of Massage in Richmond, Virginia in 2005 and was board certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB).

When you come to A Breath of Serenity, Elizabeth treats everyone like family. She tailors each massage to a client’s needs, making sure they have a relaxing and therapeutic experience. With her understanding of body movement, clients will immediately feel a difference.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, practicing yoga & pilates and playing golf.

Marie Brown

Marie Brown is a co-owner of Breath of Serenity. She has dedicated most of her life to helping others. She previously spent 11 years in the healthcare industry as a certified nursing assistant. Her patients appreciated her dedication to care, especially when she would massage their neck, back or feet.

Marie found it easy to make the transition into massage therapy and graduated in 2001 from Advanced Massage Therapeutic of Louisville. She recalls immediately knowing on the first day of school that she made the right decision and continues to love what she does.

Marie has a natural ability to clue in to each client’s needs to help them feel better naturally.

Betty Waldon

Betty Waldon’s journey into massage therapy began after her family was involved in a terrible car accident. Her injuries required medication, but Betty soon realized she couldn’t take the prescribed medication and work at the same time. When visits to the chiropractor couldn’t release the stiff muscles in her neck, she visited a massage therapist at the suggestion of a friend. Betty started noticing a difference after several sessions and paid close attention to how the masseuse worked the muscles. She tried some of the techniques on her son who felt almost immediate relief; breathing without pain for the first time since the accident.

Betty was ecstatic that she could help her son and wanted to help others facing pain, injury or discomfort. She enrolled in Advanced Massage Therapeutic of Louisville and graduated in 2001.

Betty listens to her clients and is able to tailor her therapeutic techniques to give clients the best massage.

JoAnn Klein

JoAnn Klein is always eager to pass along her knowledge to clients so they can continue to heal long after they have left her table.

JoAnn received an associates degree in Medical Massage from Spencerian College. She is certified in Pregnancy Massage and Aromatherapy Level 1. She also received training in massaging cancer patients from Sloane Ketering Cancer Center. She is a licensed massage instructor, having taught students for 12 years.

Annamaria Love

Annamaria has always had a deep calling to serve humanity in some way and her life has guided her to fulfill that passion. For most of Annamaria’s life, she has immersed herself in meditation, yoga, spiritual and personal growth and she remains in constant learning. Holistic healing has been a big part of her path in one form or another and she is committed to continuously learn how Holistic Medicine, Alchemy and the principals of quantum physics truly heal the mind, body and spirit. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Energy and Theta Healer, Reiki Master, Certified NLP Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. She offers one on one sessions and also hosts yoga retreats, women’s healing circles and workshops. For more info on her, visit her website at www.annamarialove.com


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